Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trixbox Queues

The Queue functionality seems limited to what I am used to but in a simple environment might prove adequate. The only Ring Strategy that seems to work is the 'ringall' choice. All others fail to work. I probably need to google about that... It does support an opening announcement to the caller entering the queue and 'Periodic Announcements' I don't see how I could put a login/logoff , off-duty, break button on the phone.There don't seem to be any access codes to accomodate ACD either. There is a fair amount of flexibilty to the 'overflow' or in Trixbox speak ' Fail Over Destination' availability. I would like to see more options for the agents phones.


  1. Thanks for sharing with stepwise information i am searching information about features and durability of Nortel Trixbox
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  2. See this blog has been down for awhile... For anyone looking for an alternative after the 'end of trixbox', I found an upgrade option: